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"Oysters" by Neil Salvage
ON TOUR 2018-2019

OYSTERS is a dark comedy shining a powerful spotlight on composer Johannes Brahms - at the party celebrating the first performance of his Violin Concerto. While observing his wit, his genius, his cruelty, his tenderness and his descent into self destructive inebriation, treating friends and associates with all the tenderness of a wrecking ball,  we are propelled into a seething cauldron of  passionate recriminations and hilarious outcomes. Following his search for perfection in music,  we meet a mesmerizing gallery of characters - the arthritic, embittered and ageing Clara Schumann from his past, mad, jealous unstable virtuoso Joachim, pompous and waspish critic Hanslick and gentle friend and disciple Von Herzogenberg. As the evening progresses and emotions turn on a sixpence  the play  moves to its extraordinary conclusion fuelled by turbulent emotion and farcical misunderstandings . And laughing through our tears we are continually challenged with the questions: Why Art?  What price do we pay for it? Why do we need it?

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