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Big Trouble In Little Yalta

By Neil Salvage

An uproarious, satirical comedy about power, leadership and games.  It features Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin, some hapless musicians and examines the ridiculous and horrifying consequences faced by the world when leaders infantilized by character deficiencies and too much power are driving the bus!

Our three monsters meet in a palace in the Crimea to determine the fate of the world as the war is coming to its conclusion - but they are distracted from their task by drinking games, jokes, Walt Disney, Myrna Loy, William Tell, a telephone flex and an accident with a Kalashnikov. As they spin out of control an anxious world awaits the results of their deliberations. Will they succeed in drawing up Europe’s agenda before the evening deadline? Why has General De Gaulle gone missing?  And what is in Roosevelt’s briefcase?

Yalta clown image v2.jpg

Theatre World Premiere in Kansas City

We are delighted to announce that the world premiere of "Big Trouble In Little Yalta" will be at the Just Off Broadway Theatre in Kansas City, July 4-7 2024.
The cast is Nicholas Collett as Stalin, Bob Paisley as Roosevelt and Neil Salvage as Churchill.

We are planning a UK tour for 2025.

Feature Film

Oyster Creatives are collaborating with our sister company Cabana Films in Adelaide and we have been developing the  expanded feature film version of Neil’s farcical international political fantasy play “Big Trouble in Little Yalta” which will be directed by Adam Gerard. We are close to being green lit and filming is due to begin in Adelaide in November.

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