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Avalanche - the feature film


Short film version

To help us create this feature film, Oyster Creatives will be filming a fifteen minute teaser version of “Avalanche” this year and will be collaborating with Studio Good luck , BAFTA winning animator Nina Gantz,  actress Eva Pope  and director Salvatore Scarpa  .  The plan is to get this version to a number  of International  festivals  and create interest  in the feature film.  However this fifteen minute version works really well as an individual comedic supernatural  short in its own right . We have raised 40% of the budget so far.

Our collaborators - Studio Goodluck - Director Salvatore Scarpa and Producer Max Burgoyne-Moore

(Photo by Godot Photography)

About the film

A corrupt town council receives a terrible warning about the future of their profit-driven ventures. In a darkly comic farce, they struggle to grasp the consequences of their burgeoning but dangerous tourist developments and are blinded by greed to the impending catastrophe.

We believe the importance of this story merits an even wider platform than a theatre tour.  As Neil also has experience as a screenwriter (Caught in the Act- Carnaby Films; A Kiss from Grandma- Pathetique Films) as well as being a playwright - Oyster Creatives has developed the already completed play (touring next year) into a film. A generous donor connected with environmental organizations has started the ball rolling financially and we are still raising money. The screenplay is now completed and a number of high profile actors, directors and crew members have committed themselves to this project.

It is a film about denial- and very much an allegory of where we are now with regards to climate change.

The story

Set in the small 19th Century Alpine town of Fertigwelt (World’s End), corrupt and venal community speculators and politicians are confronted by resourceful and courageous spirited geologist Professor Kirsten Opalla, who brings a grave warning that threatens the very existence of the town.  Blinded by their lust for profit, traditionalist values and general ineptitude, they struggle to grasp the danger they are in - and the frightening consequences of developing a lucrative winter sports facility under the shadow of a potentially deadly avalanche.

This danger is dismissed by wealthy mayor Burgomeister Wilhelm Reinhardt, despite being haunted by the spectre of his principled Mother. He obfuscates and denies the existence of the threat at every turn.   But this visit alerts the controlling wealthy classes of the area, represented by monstrous Frau von Metzler, wallowing in her vast wealth and influence. She immediately puts forward a strategy to escape the consequences of financial loss by putting every man, woman and child at grave risk- as she plans to  flee the town, keeping the threat  a secret, so she can cut her losses and sell her investments speedily for cash, persuading the Mayor to assist her in this scheme.

Only financial broker Ulrich Wohler eventually finds the strength to  emerge from his obsessive maniacal profit – and - loss compulsion as he  begins to understand the danger and tries to act before it is too late. Meanwhile Kirsten Opalla tries to stop the Mayor mid-flight in a climax that begins as farce but becomes truly horrific. Will our disparate ensemble of fools, villains and heroes overcome this perilous menace?

The farcical momentum of the film, enriched by comedy, the infiltration of the house by various wildlife creatures,  an ensemble of Dickensian characters, vivid representations of the natural threat  by ghostly musicians and sudden magical visions of the power of nature, acts as an allegorical reminder of how the problems of climate change are being denied by the rulers of our contemporary world, putting all sentient life in jeopardy.

This screenplay is inspired by the fact that we are heading towards the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced: if we do not stop putting carbon into the air in the next three to four years, global warming will be irreversible.  Governments and multi-nationals will only act to save the planet  if large swathes of the population force them to act.  Unfortunately at the moment not enough people are emotionally connected with this problem to face the challenge. But there are many ways to change hearts and minds. We at Oyster Creatives believe that we can find ways to illuminate the current dangers we face - and the danger that this film examines is that of denial.
The longer we stay in this state, the greater the danger.

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