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The Pearl

a screenplay by Neil Salvage

Oyster Creatives continues its collaboration with our sister company in Australia, Cabana Films. With support from the South Australian Film Commission and Dancing Road Productions, our feature film “The Pearl“ by Neil Salvage (the screenplay from which material the play “Oysters” was derived) is in development. This will be followed by “Spitfire Solo” by Nicholas Collett and “The Illuminators” by Neil Salvage.

Brahms and friends.jpg

At a celebration that descends into drunken adultery and chaos, tormented, frustrated and immensely charismatic genius composer Brahms confronts his destructive sexual past. He emerges from the evening a sadder and a wiser man, but not before ruthlessly turning the spotlight  on the strengths, weaknesses, foibles and obsessions of the close friends and associates within his circle in a passionate but somehow farcical bull-in-a china shop gallop through their more delicate susceptibilities.

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